Sunday, September 30, 2007


DEBUSSY - Violin Sonata
violin: remus
piano: yihui

DVORAK - Slavonic Dance Op. 46, No. 2
piano: Boyi, Jane

BARTOK - Rondo No. 1
piano: yezi

BERNSTEIN - I Feel Pretty
trumpet: jinjun
piano: royce

PIECZONKA - Tarantella
piano: amanda

CHEN GANG - The Sun Shines On Tashkurgan
erhu: shunta
piano: gabriel

pple rmb tell me asap! and i'm hoping the teachers would perform somehow! and our wacky ideas part we'll decide somehow haha!

oh and each comm is going to have a comm leader and they are:

ticketing: jane
publicity: boyi
programme: royce bah if you agree

these comm leaders please organise meetings within your comms and start work now because we are running short of time. and also these comm leaders will form the exco and will overlook everything.

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