Sunday, October 28, 2007

A is for Andy

Hi all, there will be an exhibition on Andy Warhol's original prints on the 17th and 18th Nov 2007, from 10am to 10pm at Mohamed Sultan Road. It's free admission and according to TIME Asia, there will be workshops conducted by "an international art curator and various Andy Warhol experts", so even though we're not AEP, I say it's a good learning opportunity and we should all go! Besides, it's FOC and we should all get out of the house during the hols.

If anyone's interested in this activity or wishes to know more about Andy Warhol, here's the link. And maybe we can have class bonding after that too! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hope this helps... cos it did to some extent for me. Also playing difficult pieces will hurt less too =)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In case anyone's interested,

look here, since we are all so obsessed about it. Please don't tell me I'm the only one who doesn't know this.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cockney Music

MUHAHAHAHAHA this will make you laugh your guts out (but not lethal enough to kill...)
Starring Bill Bailey.

Air on Banana =)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hi guys!!!
Forget about Tan Dun... There's a whole series of great music at the BBC Radio that we might want to listen to!

The Making of Music
This programme has chose a few topics ALL of us should listen to! On Monday, the topic is Neoclassicism, featuring Pulcinella and the classical symphony! On Tuesday, we find Hindemith in their show on Gebrauchmusik!

46/60. Into the Past

In the 1920s, Stravinsky, Poulenc and Prokofiev looked to the past to give a new dimension to their music, and neo-classicism became the vogue. Music includes Stravinsky's Pulcinella and Prokofiev's Classical Symphony.

47/60. Music for the Masses

A new democracy started to rise in music as composers like Vaughan Williams and Carl Orff encouraged participation from their audiences, who were able to buy vinyl discs for the first time. Plus music by Weill and Hindemith.

Composer of the Week
I love rags!!! And guess who is the featured composer of the week??? Scott Joplin! If you like rags too, you can catch a whole collection of approx. 5 hours of rags!!! One hour a day!

If these are not enough, there are pieces that are popular and nice, and even some a few of us have tried...
A few recordings of Tchaikovsky's violin concerto, a handful of Rossini (for Zenn), Pictures at the Exhibition (For the trumpeters, Petite suite (Gabriel and Timothy) AND MANY MORE...

It would be good to try to catch the music soon, cos they will no longer be available one week after it's up on the website... Hope you guys will enjoy youselves!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Heyy Friends!

Ruiheng's doing the arrangement of the piece, and here's a youtube video- it's cool piece! it comes in when the two leads are flirting with and fighting one another, and at the curtain call.

okay publicity com, can start work soon? so that people have enough time to respond to the posters and bleargh. i think school starts wednesday next week so just get the posters up before then lah.

oh and uh, tickets should be printed as well by then.

And if you've read the script that jane has sent out, the whole thing's about a hong kong mafia love story thing. we need actors/tresses!

1. female mafia person.
2. male police guy
3. mafia boss who is sick
4. person x who tries to murder female lead
5. crazy hongkong tai tai whom female lead mistakenly kidnaps at the start, she leeches on to female lead offering good advice every now and then
6. narrator

and 4 other random people, two guys two girls to serve as sidekicks for the two leads. since there's two pyjamas party scenes.

yeah happiness its kind of ambitious. oops. but hey promos are over^^

signups! just leave comment on this post. and pleaseplaseplease dont paiseh because
1. we'll have lots of fun that the other paiseh people can only dream about and
2. because you're only supposed to be paiseh when you're old and unable to prance around without people giving you strange stares. treasure your youth! and
3. we need actors/tresses desperately!!!11oneone

ya. don't have inhibitions! just like come with the intent of having fun and all shall be well and blessed by the swahili sheep.

essential happiness.

Monday, October 1, 2007


HII this is my first post here yayyy:) anyway, i was just thinking that it would be really nice if someone could design a special layout for our very cool blog:) anyone kind enough to do that? unfortunately i'm quite useless when it comes to html/photoshop stuff so i can't do it myself.

okay and on to my repertoire... i really don't think that any the pieces i'm playing now suits the shanghainese mafia(?!?) theme; but then, which few classical pieces do? maybe those errr 20th century atonal/pentatonic scale-based pieces do. anyhow, i think i'll playing whatever libertango piece that royce(is it royce?) mentioned. yup:)

Vision Fugitives no.1 and 2

This is tentative.