Tuesday, October 2, 2007



Heyy Friends!

Ruiheng's doing the arrangement of the piece, and here's a youtube video- it's cool piece! it comes in when the two leads are flirting with and fighting one another, and at the curtain call.

okay publicity com, can start work soon? so that people have enough time to respond to the posters and bleargh. i think school starts wednesday next week so just get the posters up before then lah.

oh and uh, tickets should be printed as well by then.

And if you've read the script that jane has sent out, the whole thing's about a hong kong mafia love story thing. we need actors/tresses!

1. female mafia person.
2. male police guy
3. mafia boss who is sick
4. person x who tries to murder female lead
5. crazy hongkong tai tai whom female lead mistakenly kidnaps at the start, she leeches on to female lead offering good advice every now and then
6. narrator

and 4 other random people, two guys two girls to serve as sidekicks for the two leads. since there's two pyjamas party scenes.

yeah happiness its kind of ambitious. oops. but hey promos are over^^

signups! just leave comment on this post. and pleaseplaseplease dont paiseh because
1. we'll have lots of fun that the other paiseh people can only dream about and
2. because you're only supposed to be paiseh when you're old and unable to prance around without people giving you strange stares. treasure your youth! and
3. we need actors/tresses desperately!!!11oneone

ya. don't have inhibitions! just like come with the intent of having fun and all shall be well and blessed by the swahili sheep.

essential happiness.

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stingray said...

can i narrate? haven't done it before and want to do it FOR THE FIRST TIME FTW!!!!!!!! =)