Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hi guys!!!
Forget about Tan Dun... There's a whole series of great music at the BBC Radio that we might want to listen to!

The Making of Music
This programme has chose a few topics ALL of us should listen to! On Monday, the topic is Neoclassicism, featuring Pulcinella and the classical symphony! On Tuesday, we find Hindemith in their show on Gebrauchmusik!

46/60. Into the Past

In the 1920s, Stravinsky, Poulenc and Prokofiev looked to the past to give a new dimension to their music, and neo-classicism became the vogue. Music includes Stravinsky's Pulcinella and Prokofiev's Classical Symphony.

47/60. Music for the Masses

A new democracy started to rise in music as composers like Vaughan Williams and Carl Orff encouraged participation from their audiences, who were able to buy vinyl discs for the first time. Plus music by Weill and Hindemith.

Composer of the Week
I love rags!!! And guess who is the featured composer of the week??? Scott Joplin! If you like rags too, you can catch a whole collection of approx. 5 hours of rags!!! One hour a day!

If these are not enough, there are pieces that are popular and nice, and even some a few of us have tried...
A few recordings of Tchaikovsky's violin concerto, a handful of Rossini (for Zenn), Pictures at the Exhibition (For the trumpeters, Petite suite (Gabriel and Timothy) AND MANY MORE...

It would be good to try to catch the music soon, cos they will no longer be available one week after it's up on the website... Hope you guys will enjoy youselves!

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royce said...

teeheehee. you can make it last forever though - get a sound recording programme, and wire your audio output back into your mic audio input and record it, voila.