Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Reasons why you should join publicity committee for our concert:

1) You can develop your programmes so wonderful, but if there's no publicity,
  • Ticketing people will have to work hard to attract people to purchase our tickets
  • Can you even showcase your talents to a wider range of audiences?
  • Remember our March concert? I don't wish to say it further.

2) No/little publicity also means too much ticketing and programme done.

  • Is there a need for too many (from my view it is now pretty alright, no offence intended) people on ticketing and programme committees? Boring is the word.
  • Poor division of manpower and organisation. We do not want to be criticised for it.
  • Your friends' effort in ticketing and programme are going into the drain. Do you want it?

3) Publicity is the time for you to spread to the mass. Mass comm?

  • Wanna showcase your compositions, talents or our cool, exciting theme? Join publicity.
  • Love designing posters? Publicity is for you.
  • Have lotsa frens and love talking to them? An extrovert? Be in publicity.
  • If we can prepare an advertisement for TV messaging system, and you have the ideas for it, why not?
  • Having creativity juices flowing? Can't resist? Follow me.
  • One day you might have to publicise your performances, but if the turnout were poor, wouldn't you regret having your concert in the 1st place?

Have fun in your own committees. Lastly, good luck for your practicals and promos.

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