Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hello everyone!!!!!
Shall we go catch a movie together as a class next week? GV is screening an Opera by Tan Dun in "Metropolitan Opera: The First Emperor" Apparently, it has been pretty well received... So much that it has been sold out this week!!! (I was planning to watch during the weekends but it sold out...) Anyway, they are extending the screening to next week... Since we would be free next week, would anyone be interested in to catch this super cool Opera??? Shall we go as a class??? It will be cool to have another big scale class outing!
The screening times from Monday to Wednesdays are ONLY at 7.00 pm

"For the first time in Asia, outside Japan, cinema goers will be able to enjoy The First Emperor in high definition (HD) digital on the big screen at GV VivoCity from 20 - 26 Sep 07.

The story of The First Emperor is centered around China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, and explores the limits of love and friendship through the trials following a newly-unified China."

Btw, Gabriel and I will join publicity comm... But we've both had no experience... Maybe a few more who have done relevant stuff can join us? :)

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